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H O M E   P A G E

Note: I am in the process of updating the audio clips here to a higher resolution. Most will sound way mo' betta

Mikey's Juke Joint, Calgary, Alberta Saturday afternoon jam sessions 2008

August 23 - Steppin' Out                      Put a Little Love In Your Heart (with the 'Grant Sim Fiasco')   

September 6 - Get Outta My Life, Woman                 
September 13
-  Don't Let Me Down (with the 'Grant Sim Fiasco')   I'm Never Lookin' Back    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow    Never Been To Spain       In The Night Time     July 11, 2009        

The Rodans Sentimental Journey The earliest existing sample of my guitar playing c.1962.

The Chevrons
Keep It Down 
                            Rush Hour
 My first two compositions, ever. Recorded at Earl Brown's studio, Regina, Saskatchewan, 1965.

                            Telephone Blues Flip side of the John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers 45, Witch Doctor. This clip is the introduction to the song by our bass player, Scott, and the first several bars. Some pop history here recorded at the Trianon Ballroom, Regina, Saskatchewan on June 29, 1966. Note: please excuse my absolutely horrendous vocals! It took me about 15 years or so to somewhat figure out my voice.
The Backstreet Dudes  Spooky (Classics IV)  
(Willie Mitchell The Rockcliffe Hotel, a 'saloon' a few miles north of the Quebec-Vermont border, 1968.

Wascana (I)
Fly Away
(Edgar Winter's White Trash) Trianon Ballroom, Regina.  March 31, 1972. The finale of a gig which included the Jazz Workshop, The Flying Colors and A Group Called Mudd. I played electric piano and sang lead. Amongst this bunch was Kenny Shields, who would ultimately join the band.  
                        No Amount Of Lovin'
(Paul Butterfield Blue Band)  The Hatt, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Recorded by Gord MacAuley, April 7, 1972.

Wascana (II)
(Billy Cobham)
                        Tough Mama
  (Bob Dylan)
(Sons Of Champlin)   
                        Concert Midnight/Time For Now, Back To The Future, Livin' For The City, Spain, Who?/Heaven Only Knows, Clear The Way, Stratus, Release, Nature Nature (includes drum solo), Space Circus Part 2Darke Hall, Regina. Complete concert set. March 31, 1974.  NOTE: Right-click MP3 icon then 'save as..'. Play file after download. It's BIG!
                        SET LIST: Midnight 
(Daryl Gutheil)/Time For Now (Bob Deutscher) , Back To The Future (Daryl Gutheil) , Living For The City (Stevie Wonder), Spain (Chick Corea), Who?/Heaven Only Knows (Sons Of Champlin), Clear The Way (Daryl Gutheil), Stratus (Billy Cobham), Release (Bob Deutscher), Nature Nature (Bob Deutscher) (includes drum solo - cut short: tape ran out), Space Circus Part 2 (Chick Corea)

Witness   Time Ain't Long (Ace)  The Old Gold, sometime in early 1976. This section was part of a jam on 'High Heeled Sneakers'.

Granfalloon    Mercenary Territory  (Little Feat) 
(Bob Deutscher)  Grand Central Station, Edmonton, Alberta. October 29, 1976. 

Shango    This Masquerade  (Leon Russell - George Benson version) 
                   Shaky Ground
  (Delbert McClinton)  From a rehearsal in a back room of  Lou Blair's club in Calgary, The Refinery.  January, 1977.

Jamieson Booker   Nobody's Baby Tonight  (Stewart, Burtt)  University of  Calgary, Fall, 1978. From a live CJAY-FM broadcast 'Discumentary'.

Crowcuss   Just Friends  The Savoy, Vancouver, BC.  April 9, 1980. Perry White on tenor sax. Some serious blowing here, all around. A Taste of 'St. Thomas' at the end.

                       How Far (Should You Let Yourself Go)  Again, The Savoy. Another unreleased song of ours. Others Included You're Not A Kid Eddy More,  I Can't Forget You, Sad Eyes, You Say You Love Me, I Saw Her Again, Gimme Gimme, Crowcaine and Jungle Bwana!

The following clips are the guitar breaks from our Starting to Show Album recorded at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg, Manitoba in July, 1979.

                      Spinning Round  Herman and Larry had spent a couple hours working out some keyboard parts while I waited to do my solo overdub. When my turn finally came I cut the track in two takes the second of which was only to fix the way it resolved into the vocal. I used my 1962 Fender Esquire with a Dod Overdrive unit and an Electroharmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger for the effect. I had two amps set up for most tracks, my early '60s Fender Twin and a Roland JC-120.

                     Starting To Show I had some weird flu-like virus while we were cutting this track. I had been resting in another studio until it was time to cut this track. As with most of my solos, I was in the control room with a long cord leading from my guitar to my amp in the studio. The guitar of choice in this case was my 1959 Gibson Les Paul Special .

                     Patience Again, the Les Paul. Bill, who has recently toured with the Guess Who, rewrote some of the lyrics for this recording.

                      Long Time Coming This was a live take of the band off the floor in the studio at about 4:00 AM somewhere near the end of our sessions for the album. Here I used my Esquire,  again through the Roland. The only overdubs were Larry's solo and the vocals.

Tokan   Olive  From the CHFM-CKXL compilation album Rocky Mountain Magic  recorded at Circa Studios, Calgary, 1981. Written by Ken and Anne Sitter, produced by Mark Goodman.

Playground   Joy Ridin'  (Fabulous Thunderbirds)  The Bowness Hotel, in Calgary sometime in 1982.

The Components   Emotional  (Loverboy) 
(Gram Parsons)  Strathmore, Alberta. March 18, 1983.

Sidewinder    Spodie  (David Lindley)  The King Edward Hotel (The Eddy), Calgary. July 29, 1983.

Tricycle   Who Can It Be Now  (Men At Work)  Play Guitar (John Mellencamp) The Olds Hotel. June 15, 1984. (Complete song)

Presto Tango   Still Got The Blues (second half)  (Gary Moore)  Poncho's, Calgary. March 14, 1992. (New upload - the Complete song)08/10/2019

The Steamers   Wonderful Tonight MPG VIDEO  (Eric Clapton)  The Highlander Hotel, Calgary. January 25, 1998. (COMPLETE song)

                              Knock On Wood  (Eddie Floyd)  Mr. Schnapps, Calgary. November 5, 1999.

Blues Can Jam April 22, 2013   Take Me To The River    Song 2    Crossroads    Song 4    Goin' down